5 Post Ideas To Boost Your Restaurant Search Ranking in 2022

Local restaurants have so much more to offer. The good news is that posting on Google Business Profile frequently can easily enhance your search ranking. So we’ve got you a list of the local restaurants, searched all over for best Google Business Profile posts and how they’ve made the most out of it.

Idea 1: Promotion

Most people have been eyeing and waiting for promotions for weeks and probably even months. Google Business Profile posts are the way to do it for their much-awaited updates and discounts.

A Google Business Profilepost on sales promotion, can gently push your prospects through the sales funnel. When you post a promotion on the Google Business Profile page, it will exist till the end date.

1. Palmer Place
The restaurant Palmer Place offers Burger Madness. People will think it’s their lucky day, as the eatery has posted on Google Business Profileto promote a special BOGO offer, by way of simple instructions to get the BOGO offer and a way to promote their best-selling dishes. Since Google Business Profileis a one-stop infodesk, people will also know where they can get the offer, if it’s for delivery, or which is closest to them.
2. Houlihan's Cranberry
Houlihan's Cranberry is using Google Business Profilepost to promote their delicacies & offers using promo codes, that also acts as an ad campaign, reaching out to their loyal customers as well as prospects with these kinds of limited-offer events.

Idea 2: Product/Service Update

With businesses evolving to online services such as food delivery or in-store pickups, Google Business Profile provides a way to keep your audience updated with your new services and improvements.

1. Junzi Kitchen
Junzi Kitchen, healthy Chinese home food service’s strategy has changed to online, as a way to stay in the business, even during a lockdown.View their savory Chinese cuisines on Google Business Profile and order directly from their website. Simple, effective and customer-friendly.
2. Cafe Chokolade
Cafe Chokolade, used Google Business Profilefor service updates such as home delivery, it uses relatable hashtags in their posts for targeted audiences.
3. Amico Cafe
Amico cafe, based in Bolton, used Google Business Profile to promote their grand opening. So that prospective customers can know what’s happening in their area.
4. Idle Hands Coffee
Idle Hands Coffee has a good way of sharing posts to update the customers on what new services are provided. Customers now have choices as to what and how to order takeaways on their website.

Idea 3: Event

Events are also a way of promoting your business as it opens the door to new prospects. Food aficionados, influencers, and guests can liven up the event, with your business being the highlight.

1. The Capital Grille
The Capital Grille event promotion is styled using crisp language, a promotional video so that the audience can keep up with necessary details and keeping them engaged with their content.
2. The Root Barrel
The Root Barrel has announced their ‘Rooftop Cocktail Night’ through a Google Business Profile post. AN organized, creative update and CTA button ‘Message’ for further inquiries is a minimalistic way to provide required information and assistance to customers to let your business be easily reached.
3. The Natural Philosopher
The Natural Philosopher bar with their infamous artful cocktails and aperitifs, announced a ball & dry bar takeover eventan through a Google Business Profile post, using enticing language, captions, a guest appearance and special cocktail prices to draw customers.
4. London Cocktail Club
London Cocktail Club’s reopening posts on their Google Business Profile have let their audiences reminisce about their tasty drinks as they’ve mentioned the return of happy hour. People from all over are invited to make a visit and with a CTA button, book a table. A classic and captivating way to reach prospects with their reopening!

Idea 4: Product/Service Highlight

Fun times are the best way to share your best offers with your customers. on what you offer the best. As they are great occasions to exhibit your unique selling point (USP) and stand out to your competitors.

1. Kama Bistro
Kama Bistro has skillfully highlighted its event space, as well as creating a caption to showcase what the customer or the prospect is looking for. For a higher conversion rate, take note of what CTA should be appropriately used and let people know exactly what services you’re offering.
2. One Banquet Hall
We do love occasions. Organizing such events can be time-consuming, from choosing a venue to which food to cater. Why not highlight these all in your Google Business Profile posts? Captivate your targeted audience on the search engine results page like those that One Banquet Hall has shared, a captivating picture of their newly designed indoor event space and safety protocols, to cater to your needs for the occasion. All you have to do is to call or send them a message right away.
3. Marina Del Rey
Marina Del Rey, a venue for outdoor dining service. You can look them up if you’re in for an outdoor wedding or other occasions. Their caption features their best offerings such as unlimited drinks and a view overlooking the Long Island and Manhattan skyline. Also, they’ve highlighted social responsibility with their covid guidelines. This type of post helps to develop a business's positive reputation among the target market & prospects trust their services!

Idea 5: Covid Related Service Update Post

The pandemic is still ongoing and we need to cope and at the same time be aware to take preventive measures. Businesses should have a social responsibility initiative while sustaining their business during the pandemic. Cooperation with local officers and health workers is a way to give respect and core attention to what is happening around us.

1. Oriole Bar
Safety is such a priority nowadays. A great example is a post shared by Oriole Bar. In a long Google Business Profile post, the bar has mentioned their operation time, cashless payments & new booking policy. A way of being socially responsible and at the same time giving alternatives to customers on how they would be able to transact, dine and still have a good time despite what's happening.
2. Glen Island Harbour Club
Sincerity with your customers ensures them that your business is reliable and credible. Prioritizing customers’ health will let them know that transactions with your business will be safe and won’t violate any protocols implemented during a lockdown or any other Covid-19 restrictions. This lengthy post of Glen Island Harbour Club shows their utmost concern at the moment and how they were to manage their guests and staff.

Summing Up

As a business, be creative when you post on Google My Business! Create headlines or post text that contains need-to-know details and clear CTAs. Share posts about your business milestones or showing gratitude towards your consumers. It can give you a boost!

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