Best Practices for Uploading Photos to Google My Business

Photos are more important for some businesses than others, but every business should take the time to upload photos to their Google My Business page. If you are a stylist, you can upload pictures of your recent work. If you do landscaping, you can upload your portfolio of projects so people get a feel for what you can do. If you’re a restaurant, upload pictures of your interior, of smiling staff, and of your most popular dishes. You get the picture!

A few general tips:

  • Use high-quality photos. Uploading blurry, dark, or grainy photos can actually backfire and make your Google My Business profile less appealing to customers, even if your products and services are exceptional.
  • Consider hiring a photographer to take and edit the photos for your listing, or at least recruit the help of a friend who has a powerful DSLR camera and basic photo editing skills. This is worth the investment!
  • Upload a quality video to your profile if it can help you quickly tell the story behind a product or service. (Google has a free video making tool that we go into in some detail in the Marketing Kit section. You can make a 30 second video that looks great in 5-10 minutes. We recommend you finish uploading photos first but you can jump to that section whenever you like.)

Step 1: Your Cover Photo

Your cover photo is the image displayed at the top of your Google Maps listing. This is less important for desktop searches but really important for map searches.

The ideal ratio for this photo is 16×9 – the same as a widescreen TV. If you upload a smaller image, it will not look that good so we recommend at least 1,000 pixels wide, while maintaining that ratio.

Tip: AResearch suggests that changing the file names for your photos can potentially help Google rank your business higher in search results. Instead of leaving the default file name from your camera, consider the following format:


If you ran Bob’s Plumbing in Tulsa, your photo name would be something like this:


One other thing: it’s better if your photos preserve geographic information as well. Your phone photos should have this by default, and your camera may as well. If you want to take a few extra minutes to tag photos that do not already have geotags, you can do so using a free service like this one. You can add the physical location of your business to the photos manually.

Tip: you can add strategically placed text on your image as a sort of “call to action” to bring more attention to your photo. Avoid making your photo look cluttered by adding too much text, though. A small header goes a long way when it comes to catching your potential customer’s eye.

Step 2: Your Logo

On Google My Business, your logo is actually pretty small. But it packs a lot of punch if you do it right. The key is to get the fit right. Make sure your logo looks good in a small circle and you are basically set. If you don’t have a logo that fits well within these dimensions, then a simplified icon version of your logo or even just a portion of the image can work well.

Another option is to use a “headshot” picture as it adds a personal touch. If your business revolves around your identity this can be a particular option. Just make sure you use professional photos and not a random shot you took with your phone.

Good: Logo fits and looks nice.

Example of Good Logo Google My Business

Good: In absence of a logo, the headshot is a personal touch and fits well.

Headshot as Logo Google My Business

Could be better: Nice logo, but fit isn’t right.

Non-fitting logo Google My Business

Step 3: Exterior Photos

These may not matter very much for your business, but if people are judging your book by its cover, or if your location can be hard to find in navigation, then exterior photos are essential. Your customers can upload pictures as well, but if you take the time to upload good exterior photos, your search listing will look better.

Here’s an example of a good exterior photo. This one is taken by a user, but you want something that clearly shows what your business looks like so that people can find it. Upload as many good photos as you have. People will look at them!

Example of Good Exterior Photo Google My Business

Step 4: Interior Photos

If your business relies on foot traffic, interior photos can be a powerful way to get customers in your door. These images will help people visualize eating or shopping in your business, so be sure to make a great first impression!

You used to have to build a website to share this much about your company. We still recommend you do this, but the beauty of Google My Business is that you get to show off before they visit your site. This is a chance to stand out that wasn’t available in the past. Take advantage of it.

The store pictured below sells USA-made products in Little Rock, Arkansas. They have taken excellent pictures of their store that highlight all the work they have done to make it an interesting place filled with high quality products. These photos make you want to go there. That’s what you are aiming for.

Good Example of Interior Photos Google My Business


  • Use a wider angle lens. You’ll show more in one photo and it will make your space seem bigger. These lenses are how expert real estate photographers make pictures of small spaces appear larger.
  • Make sure your lighting is good. A blurry photo is worse than no photo at all. Night shots can be cool with the right camera.
  • Consider paying a professional. Good pictures make a big difference, and they last forever. This shot has 9,000 views and counting.
Interior Restaurant Example Google My Business

Step 5: 360 Photos

If you want to go a step further, 360 photos are one way to do it. If it’s the right thing for your space, then go for it! We highly recommend these because Google is very focused on having 360 degree “Street View” content, so you may end up showing up more prominently in various maps searches.

Step 1: Download the Google Street View app for Android or iOS.

Step 2: Open up the Street View app and sign in with the same Google login that you use for your business listing when you are ready to take your 360 shot.

Step 3: Hit the new photo icon to start creating your first 360 photo. It will have you point your phone at a dot and take a series of photos to complete a 360 degree view of your space.

Step 4: Preview your shot. If you were moving around too much, it might not look great. It’s ok to do it again. Make sure things line up as much as possible. Your image is in private mode at this point so it doesn’t matter if your first few shots aren’t good.

Step 5: Publish your shot. Once you are happy with your 360 photo, you can publish it and link it to your business location. There will be a “Pick a Maps listing” button right on your 360 image that will open up a dialog. You’ll have some options for blurring out faces as well.

It only takes a few minutes to do this and like we say, it’s a good way of standing out that may get more views than just standard images.

360 View Example Google My Business

Step 6: Team and At-Work Photos

A smiling face on your profile is a great way to make your business more inviting. If you have a staff that is frequently interacting with customers, consider including their headshots or a group photo of your team. At-work photos can also offer a fun behind-the-scenes look at why your products and services are unique.