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This powerful 9-Step Framework is used by thousands of local businesses to position themselves in front of new buyers, and has generated millions of dollars as a result. Now, you too never have to worry about how to get found on Google again.
“We were having some success with our online presence, but after implementing these recommendations, we absolutely crushed it!"
Lauren, Ship.Studio, Overland Park, KS
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Who Is This Guide For?
Suite Owners
This guide works perfectly for all suite owners! Start building your online presence to attract and retain clients.
Single Location Owners

Focus on developing your brand and gaining new clients with all the features of this breakthrough guide provides!

Multi-Location Owners

Boost your marketing even further with all the advantages provided by Google for multi-location salon owners.

In This Proven 9-Step Guide You Will Learn How To:

1. Get Started


  • Creating & Verifying Your Google Account
  • Claiming Your Business Process
  • Verifying Your Business Ownership

2. Optimize Your Business Details

  • Confirming Business Name & Category
  • Configuring Products/Services Offered
  • Writing Business Description
  • Entering Your Opening Date

3. Create Photos That Will Make Your Business Pop

  • How To Make An Awesome Cover Photo
  • How To Take 360 Photos
  • The Optimal Upload Schedule
  • Setting Reminders To Upload Photos

4. Get Reviews TO Build Trust and Social Proof

  • Finding & Saving Review Links
  • Creating Scripts In Requesting Reviews
  • Responding To Any Existing Reviews
  • Setting Review Follow-up Reminders Every 2 Weeks
  • Getting more 5 star reviews

5. Create & Schedule Posts Like A Machine

  • Reviewing Types Of Posts
  • Creating An Offer Posts, “What’s New” Post, Top Review Posts
  • Setting Reminders To Post Every 2 Weeks

6. Use Quotes & Messages Like A PRO

  • Enabling The Messaging On Your Profile
  • Installing Google My Business App On Your Phone

7. Get Insights That Help You Understand Your Business Better

  • Finding/Navigating Insights Section In Your Profile
  • Setting Reminders To Review Analytics Every 2 Weeks

8. Design Your Website For FREE

  • You can get a free website from Google. We'll help you with designing and reviewing your site
  • Design & Review Website
  • Mapping Out Your Domain
  • Publishing Your New Site

9. Take Advantage Of Google’s Marketing Materials

  • Creating & Downloading Postcards, Business Cards, Posters
  • Making Full Use Of Social Media
  • Making Window Stickers
  • Making Custom Video & Post To Share
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I’m not good with computers or “tech-savvy”, can I still do this on my own?
Of course, that’s the very reason why we made this guide as detailed and as simple as possible. So that everyone can go through it and follow each step with no problems at all without taking anything away from your desired results – we just make it (much) easier for you so that you can focus more of your time and energy on things that are far more important to you.

Can’t I just hire somebody to do this for me?
You definitely can – but they’ll cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars with no guaranteed results. In fact, you’re better off doing this on your own because you know your business way better than anybody else (including them).
I’ve had my listing for quite some time already. Will this guide still be useful to me and my business?
Yes. Most of our existing clients already have their business running for a long time already before they tried our method and it still greatly improved their results.
How long until I can see the results?
Given you have a good offer and covered all the bases. You can expect to see improvements in your business profile in a few days – but the real results will gradually show as you continue with the process. Keep in mind that this is a continuous and repeatable process, therefore, the results will get better and better for your business.
Instant Access
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
No Questions Asked Refunds
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Very soon you will say: "... I wish I would have done this sooner."