Guide to Google's Free Marketing Kit

Google’s Free Marketing Kit is a set of tools designed to market and enhance your Google My Business profile. The kit consists of five pieces:

  • Business / Post Cards
  • Print Ready Posters and Signs
  • Social Media Posting Templates
  • Window Stickers
  • A Dynamically Generated Video

There are two basic functions of these assets: to encourage customer loyalty (reviews or repeat visits) or to market good things about your profile to new visitors. Both of these applications can have a significant positive impact on your business in the long term, so get creative and take advantage of this kit.

Where to Find the Marketing Kit

As we have recommended in other sections, it’s best if you are on an actual computer for these steps, as it will be easier to deal with downloads. You’ll also need to be logged into the Google account that is linked to your listing.

Once you are set up, you can go to this link to get to your assets. On this page, you should see a screen like the one shown the below. If you are logged in, you can just search for your business name in the search box provided. Once you see your name, just click to continue.

Google Marketing Kit How To

Clicking to move forward will take you to a marketing page. You have to click a few more times to get all the materials. You are looking for the “Download All” button.

Download Materials Google Free Marketing Kit

When you click on the Download All button, Google will generate your materials based on the information from your profile. It only takes about 15 seconds. Once the process is done, the button will indicate that you can download your materials. They’ll come “zipped up” into several different digital file folders that you can right-click and unzip to view.

Download Assets Google My Business Marketing Kit

Postcards and Business Cards

Even if you are just getting started, both Postcards and Business Cards can help you out. They both include a QR code that links to your profile.

  • Business Cards: These are designed to get reviews. They include a link to your profile and encourage reviews specifically.
  • Post Cards: These are great leave behinds if you have something special to offer a customer. They also link to your profile but don’t explicitly ask for reviews.

Below are examples of each type of card:

(Note that the lines you see on the corners of the business card template won’t show up on your actual business cards. These are files that are meant to be taken to a local printer, where the lines serve at cutting guides. If you’d prefer to use your own designs, you can have your printer place the Google My Business review request and QR code printed on the reverse side of your cards.)

Business Card Template Google Free Marketing Kit

Post Card Template: 

See our above note on the printer’s marks of this template. These are meant to be professionally printed.  These can be mailed or handed out. They make good thank you notes. If you want to give a customer a discount, such as 20% off their next visit, you can write and sign that on one of these and give it to them. It will act as a great reminder for them to either review or to come back!

Post Card Google My Business


Posters are generally for featuring reviews. If you click the “customize” button before downloading, you’ll have the option to decide which review you want to feature. You’ll also be able to pick out the poster style you prefer.

There are three poster sizes:

  • 8.5″x11″
  • 5″x7″
  • 18″x24″

If you have a standard home office printer, the 8.5″ x 11″ could work well for you.

Below is a brief animation of the choices that Google currently offers. They update these regularly, so check back in periodically to see if they have a design you like better.

Poster Examples Google My Business

Social Media Shares

Social Media Shares are dynamic images that are very very similar to the posters. Except instead of posting them on your wall, you would post them on your social media profiles. The beauty of these images is that you can easily create something visually appealing and share it with the world!

Sharing is straightforward enough, but you can use these on your Google My Business Profile as Posts to increase your review footprint. We’ll walk you through this interesting way to use these below. First, scroll down on your custom assets page until you see the sharing section.

Sharing Assets Google My Business

Since we’re going to post this on Google, we’re going with a “Google” looking template. But it is totally up to you.

Review Example Social Sharing Google My Business

Click next until you have the opportunity to download the image. Click the little download icon. You’ll have a copy of the image on your hard drive.

Download Image Social Share Google My Business

Now, to create a Post (see our guide section on posts) featuring this review. As you can see below, you’ve now highlighted a great review and had an opportunity to thank a customer.

We recommended posting regularly. Posting good reviews once or twice a month is a good way to keep your posting cadence up while also highlighting a reason to do business with you.

Using a Review as Post on Google My Business


Google also provides designs for brand-boosting stickers. There are four templates:

  • Book with Us on Google
  • Follow Us on Google
  • Order from Us on Google
  • Review us on Google

We think the last is the most useful, but we’d make the sticker small. Both Stickermule and Moo make high quality stickers. A custom sticker that shows your current star rating is a good idea for your window if you get a lot of walk-by traffic or if you plan to put the stickers on the back of service vehicles, but otherwise stickers probably will not be relevant to your business.

Marketing Kit Google My Business Stickers

Custom Video for Your Business

In addition to creating beautiful graphics, Google can also use your Google My Business data to dynamically create videos that promote your company! We highly recommend using this tool. If you have ever used Google Photos, you may have seen one of their slideshow videos that algorithmically combine similar images to music.

The only catch here is, you really need good source material to make a good video. To quote Ben Franklin, “There never was a good knife made from bad steel.” If your photos and videos aren’t great, then your video will probably suffer too. Before you generate your dynamic video, take inventory of the photos on your listing and upload new content that will make your clip shine!

Once you’ve gotten your photos situated, scroll down to the section about video below and click the button. It’s a multi-step process so you aren’t committing to anything but clicking forward. You can also visit this link, which is the home page for Google’s “Video Maker.”

How to Create Video Google My Business

To create your video, you’ll first have to answer four questions. The first is a short, sweet “tag line” that summarizes your business in one sentence.

Video Maker Google My Business Step 1

Next, you’ll highlight something that makes your business special or unique.

Business Unique Google Video Maker

Next, you’ll talk about something your customers love. Writing this from the perspective of your customers will make it fit better with the format of the video … trust us!

Note: it’s easy to change your video after the fact, so we encourage you to just make one and see what needs to be changed so you can make adjustments and perfect a format you like.

Customers Love Tips Google Video Maker

Lastly, you’ll have a chance to “say something” to your customers or clients. This can be a call to action (e.g. Book now and save 15% with code Video15) or just a message that conveys something positive. You’ll be able to edit it later, so you can just think of this as a draft until you watch the video.

Final Message Google Video Maker

Once you complete these prompts, click to continue and Google will make a preview video for you. There are a bunch of options to explore, so we suggest that you make edits to which images you use, to the music, story, and wording. Here are the options you have:

  • Images: You get to choose four. Make sure they are of similar quality and size.
  • Story: You can change your answers to the questions Google asked if you think of something that works better with the format.
  • Ratings & Reviews: They just show your star rating. If yours is good, show it off!
  • Style: There are two style options (Classic and Collage) and several colors to choose from. We suggest trying several.
  • Music: They have five different musical options. You can preview them. Choose one that matches the color and feel of your video.
  • Sign-off Info: These are the details shown toward the end of the video. If you want people to visit, share your address. You can also show your phone number or website. And if you like, you can include details about how you operate: online, in a physical retail location, or both. This option isn’t always visually pleasing, so if you don’t like how it looks just uncheck it.
  • Logo: You’ll need to upload your logo here. If you go with a dark theme, you’ll want a light colored logo, and vice versa.

Once you create your video, you’ll have options to do shorter versions of it in different aspect ratios that are geared to sharing on other social networks like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Below is a breakdown of the page you’ll see after you make a video. As soon as you download your new creation, go back to your profile and upload it to your listing as a Video. If you need help with uploading photos or videos, check out our Photos section.

Video Options Google My Business