How to Register Your Business with Google My Business

Registration itself is a straightforward process. But before you get started, here are a few helpful tips that can make the process of registering your business much easier. 

  • We recommend you be on a desktop or laptop computer if possible. You can complete the process on a phone or tablet, but it’s easier to do on a larger device.
  • If you have a cell phone associated with your business, have it handy.
  • If your business has a landline that Google has associated with your business, your will need to disable any auto attendant answering systems so that you can receive automated confirmation calls from Google.
  • Set aside approximately 30 minutes to complete the registration process. If you have to verify your business by mail, some of your changes won’t be final until you have verified.
  • If you plan on co-managing your Google My Business page with members of your team, you will want to collect their email addresses so that you can grant them permission to update your listing on Google.
  • Important: The email address you use for your Google My Business account should be connected to an inbox that is checked frequently so you can stay on top of reviews and receive important updates from Google.


Step 1: Log in to Google and Claim Your Business

Google makes it easy for owners to claim their existing businesses that already have listings online. You can simply search for your company by name while logged into your Google account and then click the “claim this business” link to start this process. If you want to register a new business that is not yet listed, you can enter your details on the Google My Business “Create” page. 

How to Claim Your Business on Google My Business

Step 2: Start the Claim Process

Once you click the “Own this Business” link, you will want to click the “Manage now” prompt on the next screen.

Manage Business Claim - Google My Business

Step 3: Verify Your Business

At this point Google will ask you to verify that you manage the business. They definitely do not want random people claiming ownership of other people’s businesses, so they need some way to confirm that you really should have the permission to edit the My Business listing. Verification can happen one of three ways: by phone, email, or postcard.

If you are lucky and your business’s phone number is already associated with your Google My Business listing, you can request a code via text or automated voice message. Once you enter the code in the My Business portal, the process will be complete and any subsequent changes to your business information will show up as “verified.”

If you have a business with a public email address that Google already knows, you may be able to receive your verification details in your inbox. 

If none of the methods listed above are possible, you’ll need to request a verification postcard by mail. You can still make changes to your listing while waiting for your card, but some won’t be made public until you’ve received it and entered the confirmation URL in your browser. (It’s always a good idea to include your name on the postcard request page to make sure it’s properly delivered.)

Verify Your Business Google My Business

In 3-4 business days, you’ll get a simple post card with a number on it and instructions to verify your business by going to a specific URL. Just do it as soon as you get the card so that you don’t forget. None of the other work you do matters if you don’t complete this step so don’t put it off!

Once you’ve completed this step continue to the next step to enter your business details.

Download the Mobile App

This step isn’t altogether necessary, but it’s a great idea to go ahead and download the Google My Business App right now. By doing this now, you won’t forget to do it later, and you’ll be giving your future self a gift! 

Done all you can with verification?

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